Wellmed Dental Medical Supply Co., Ltd

ECO Plus Procedure Masks Type IIR

Category:Face Masks


▶With a fiberglass-free material and soft elastic ear-loop or long tie;

▶Light weight improved breathability;

▶Cooler, more comfortable;

▶Cuts heat buildup and skin irritation;

▶Soft white inner layer and a fluid resistant outer layer;

▶BFE over 96% or 99.9%;

▶Latex free.

Items Items
Description Ear-Loop Tie-On
Blue CP-001 CPT-001
White CP-002 CPT-002
Pink CP-003 CPT-003
Yellow CP-004 CPT-004
Green CP-005 CPT-005
Orange CP-006 CPT-006
Lavender CP-007 CPT-007
Fresh Green CP-008 CPT-008
Fuchsia CP-009 CPT-009
Med Blue CP-010 CPT-010
Black CP-011 CPT-011

Quantity: Box Of 50

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