Wellmed Dental Medical Supply Co., Ltd

Disposable Impression Trays With R-Lock



▶Color: blue;

▶Anatomically designed;

▶Smooth edges for patient comfort;

▶Save time and expensive laboratory charges;

▶Strong, rigid distortion free plastic construction;

▶Excellent retention for impression materials whilst

providing sufficient pressure for all details.

Items Description
ITRL-001 #1, Large Upper
ITRL-002 #2, Large Lower
ITRL-003 #3, Medium Upper
ITRL-004 #4, Medium Upper
ITRL-005 #5, Small Upper
ITRL-006 #6, Small Lower
ITRL-007 #7, Up R / Low L
ITRL-008 #8, Up L / Low R
ITRL-009 #9, Anterior Upper
ITRL-010 #10, Anterior Lower
ITRL-000 Assorted

Quantity: Bag Of 10

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