Wellmed Dental Medical Supply Co., Ltd

Bite Block Covers


▶Rolled Package:
Fits for Densply Sirona, Cranex  Base X, Excel, Gendex Orthoralix
FD FX, Siemens OP10, OP5, Instrumentarium OP100, OP200.
Items Description
HL-BC01 1.6"x1" - 41mm x 25mm
HL-BC02 2.4"x1" - 61mm x 25mm
HL-BC03 3.3"x1.6" - 84mm x 41mm
Quantity:  Roll of 500

▶U Type: Fits for 3D Carestream.
Items Description
HL-3DRE Regular, 4.52” x 3.15” - 115mm x 80mm

Quantity: Box of 200

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