Wellmed / Wellmed Dental Medical Supply Co., Ltd

Company Introduction

Wellmed Dental Medical Supply Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of dental and medical disposable products in China. We sincerely welcome you to visit our factories when you come to China. With 5 large and modernized production bases in Mainland China, Wellmed offers a complete line of dental and medical disposable products.

We are manufacturing wide range of dental and medical disposable products, including Micro Applicators, Air Water Syringe Tips, Saliva Ejectors, Evacuator Tips, Surgical Aspirator Tips, Impression Trays , Barrier Films, Dental Bibs, Plastic Barrier Sleeves, Face Masks, Protective Gowns, SMS Jacket/Lab Coat,, Non woven Sponges, Self-sealing Sterilization Pouches.....etc.

With a mission of providing our clients with the best service and high-quality products, we make the best effort to improve our service. This is done by offering:

1. Competitive pricing. Wellmed products are of the same or higher quality than competitive brands on the market, yet are significantly less expensive.

2. Product Quality. We take strict measures to control our quality throughout the production process, resulting in a trouble-free shipment.

3. Private label service. We accept OEM orders with private-label packaging, allowing clients to expand their product line with our current products, offering the same quality standardization as the top brand.
4. A one-stop shop for your product needs: Benefiting from a Chinese-based manufacturer, we offer the most efficient and cost-effective means to fulfill your purchase of disposable dental infection control products by allowing you to purchase multiple products in one shipment to match your quantity requirements.

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