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  • Steam Sterilization Integrators
  • Steam Sterilization Integrators
Steam Sterilization Integrators

-Ability to provide a distinct pass-or-fail result, providing confidence to safely release the instruments in every steam sterilization cycle;

-Detects potential sterilizer failures which can result from incorrect packaging, overloading or malfunctions of the sterilizer;

-Used as an additional monitoring tool for the release of sterilized loads versus quarantined loads until a biological indicator test result is reported as negative;

-Used daily, or with every load, is a means of improving patient safety and reduces the cost and disruption of potential recalls when a biological indicator test fails;

-Parallels the spore death curve in a normal steam sterilization range with a margin of safety.

Items and Discription:

#SSI-001   Type 5, Green

Quantity: Bag of 500

Colour or Size

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