Wellmed Dental Medical Supply Co., Ltd

Plus SMS Lab Coats(Knee Length)



▶Provide comfort and style;

▶Made of a soft, breathable fabric, these

fire-retardant, fluid-resistant jackets meet

requirements for bloodborne pathogens;

▶Static free, no clinging;                  

▶Soft 3-layer SMS fabrics;

▶Fluid resistant, breathable;

▶Snap front, knit cuffs & collar;  

▶1 breast pocket & 2 hip pockets;

▶Autoclavable & washable;

▶Available in 4 attractive colors;

▶Latex free.

Ceil Blue Pink Purple Sky Blue
Small SG-001S SG-002S SG-003S SG-004S
Medium SG-001M SG-002M SG-003M SG-004M
Large SG-001L SG-002L SG-003L SG-004L
Extra Large SG-001XL SG-002XL SG-003XL SG-004XL

Quantity: Bag of 10

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