Wellmed Dental Medical Supply Co., Ltd

Micro Applicators(Plastic Canister Packaging)


▶Etchants;                                    ▶Sealants;

▶Non-linting;                               ▶Bendable neck;

▶Bonding agents;                        ▶Length: 10cm(4”);

▶Fluoride varnishing;                   ▶Disclosing solutions;

▶Available in 4 head sizes;           ▶Hemostatic solutions.

Items Description
MA-001 #1, Superfine White
MA-002 #2, Fine Mauve
MA-003 #2, Fine Yellow
MA-004 #3, Regular Blue
MA-005 #3, Regular Green
MA-006 #3, Regular Orange
MA-007 #3, Regular Purple
MA-008 #4, Cylinder Black

Quantity:  Tube of 100, Box of 4

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