Wellmed Dental Medical Supply Co., Ltd

Sterilization Reels



▶Manufactured from medical grade paper with external process indicators
  that change color when exposed to a specific temperature;

▶Convenient, economical way to package instruments use only length necessary;

▶Blue-lint laminate easily identified if film has been comprised due
  to punctures and/or tears;

▶For use with steam and EtO sterilization processes only;

▶Available in 11 sizes.

Items Description
SR-001 50mm(2") x 200m
SR-002 55mm(2.2") x 200m
SR-003 75mm(3") x 200m
SR-004 100mm(4") x 200m
SR-005 125mm(5") x 200m
SR-006 150mm(6") x 200m
SR-007 200mm(8") x 200m
SR-008 250mm(10") x 200m
SR-009 300mm(12") x 200m
SR-010 350mm(14") x 200m
SR-011 400mm(16") x 200m

Quantity: Wrap of 1

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