Wellmed Dental Medical Supply Co., Ltd

Cotton Pellets


▶100% Cotton Pellets are designed to provide outstanding quality and absorbency in a variety of uses.          
▶Root canals
▶Temporary Endo Access
▶In place of Teflon Tape
▶Temporarily as a Filler
▶Implants (cover hex screw)
▶To carry medicaments
▶To dry gum tissue     
Items Description Quantity
CTP-105 #0, 11/32"(9MM), 10g Box of 24
CTP-106 #1, 9/32"(7MM), 10g Box of 24
CTP-107 #2, 7/32"(5.5MM), 10g Box of 24
CTP-108 #3, 5/32"(4MM), 4g Box of 50
CTP-109 #4, 1/8"(3MM), 4g Box of 50
CTP-110 #5, 3/32"(2.4MM), 1.5g Box of 50

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