Wellmed Dental Medical Supply Co., Ltd

Barrier Film


▶Perforation line;

▶With easy peel finger lift;

▶4”x6”-1200 sheets per roll;

▶Plastic Core,Box Packaging
Items Description
BFB-001 Clear
BFB-002 Blue
BFB-003 Yellow
BFB-004 Pink
BFB-005 Green
BFB-006 Orange
BFB-007 Lavender
BFB-008 Fresh Green
BFB-009 Black

▶Paper Core,Box Packaging
Items Description
BFR-001 Clear
BFR-002 Blue
BFR-003 Yellow
BFR-004 Pink
BFR-005 Green
BFR-006 Orange
BFR-007 Lavender
BFR-008 Fresh Green
BFR-009 Black

▶Plastic Core,Shrink Wrap Packaging
Items Description
BFBS-001 Clear
BFBS-002 Blue
BFBS-003 Yellow
BFBS-004 Pink
BFBS-005 Green
BFBS-006 Orange
BFBS-007 Lavender
BFBS-008 Fresh Green
BFBS-009 Black

▶Paper Core,Shrink Wrap Packaging
Items Description
BFRS-001 Clear
BFRS-002 Blue
BFRS-003 Yellow
BFRS-004 Pink
BFRS-005 Green
BFRS-006 Orange
BFRS-007 Lavender
BFRS-008 Fresh Green
BFRS-009 Black

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