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Safe Tips

-Disposable air/water system is the surest, safest, and most cost effective way to   eliminate the reusable metal air/water syringe tip as a means of cross-contamination;

-By switching to the safe-tip system you not only save time and money by using a disposable tip, you will be able to achieve optimal bonding results; 

-With safe-tip’s tapered water spindle inside each adapter and safe-tip tips featuring a central water channel encircled by six separate air channels, you can eliminate moisture contamination and the chances of adhesive failures;

-Transparent, easy to see through;

Items and Discription:

Standard Length: 76mm

#HAW-001   Clear,7 Holes,Standard

#HAW-RC    Rainbow Colors,7 Holes,Standard

Mini Length: 57mm

#HAW-001M   Clear, 7 Holes,Mini

#HAW-RCM    Rainbow Colors,7 Holes,Mini

Quantity:  Bag of 250

Colour or Size

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