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  • Curing Light Sleeves
  • Curing Light Sleeves
Curing Light Sleeves


The Curing Light Sleeve is proven to produce cured restorations equal to those where no barrier is used.


Unique individually wrapped, easy-peel outer wrapping protects inner sleeve from contamination. Eliminates the potential for

bacteria build-up on curing light surfaces.


Custom fit with soft, rounded edges for greater patient comfort.


Extends the life of expensive equipment. Prevents hard to remove composite build up on the curing light tip.

Colour or Size
Items Description Quantity
Individually Wrapped HL-6597 4.7” x 1.2” - 120mm x 30mm Box of 200

Curing Light Sleeves

Cover All

HL-6592 13” x 2.1” - 320mm x 53mm Box of 500
HL-6593 13” x 3.3” - 320mm x 84mm Box of 500
HL-6595 9.9” x 1.85” - 250mm x 47mm Box of 500
HL-6596 12.4” x 4.13” - 310mm x 105mm Box of 250
With Sealed Tip HL-6605 11.2” x 2.2” - 285mm x 55mm Box of 500
With Unsealed Tip HL-6606 11.2” x 2.2” - 285mm x 55mm Box of 500

Curing Light Tip


HL-6588S Fit 7-8mm Light Guide Box of 200
HL-6588L Fit 9-11mm Light Guide Box of 200

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