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  • Foam Pellets
Foam Pellets

-Special foam pellets for applying medical products in liquid or paste form without exerting any pressure. Suitable for painting infected alveoli and use as an endodrain.


-Touching of infected alveoli;


-Vitality tests;

-Removal of material excess while cementation or sealing.


-Painfree application without pressure;

-Economical application;

-Hygienic application without fluff.

Items and Discription:

PF-001 Size0, φ3mm Bottle of 3000

PF-002 Size1, φ4mm Bottle of 3000

PF-003 Size2, φ5mm Bottle of 1000

PF-004 Size3, φ8mm Bottle of 500

PF-005 Size4, 6mmx8mm Bottle of 500

Quantity:  Box of 6

Colour or Size

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