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  • Sterilization Wraps (CSR)
  • Sterilization Wraps (CSR)
Sterilization Wraps (CSR)
▶Great for general purpose sterilization, compatible with steam, ETO and Gamma;
▶Provides a barrier against air and water-born bacteria;
▶Conforms easily around various shapes and sizes of cassettes, allowing excellent

  penetration of various methods of sterilization.

Colour or Size
Items Description Quantity
SW-001 12” x 12” (30cm) Case of 1000
SW-002 15” x 15” (38cm) Case of 1000
SW-003 20” x 20” (51cm) Case of 500
SW-004 24” x 24” (61cm) Case of 500
SW-005 30” x 30” (76cm) Case of 250

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